2 Features To Look For When Choosing New Irrigation Blueprint Design Software For Your Landscaping Business

When you own and operate a full-service landscaping business, one service that you may provide is the design and installation of irrigation systems. Even if you know how to draw out the blueprints for these systems, you may be looking to upgrade the design phase by purchasing a software program to help you.

While looking over your options, you may be having difficulty choosing a program. If so, look for features such as those discussed below that will help you once you start using a new irrigation blueprint software program for your landscape contracting business.

1. The Program Should Be Compatible with Computer-assisted (CAD) Software for Full Customizations Options

One feature you should look for when choosing a design program to help you build the blueprints for irrigation systems is one that is fully compatible with computer-assisted (CAD) software. The CAD software gives you full customization options.

With the help of the computer, you can create and save templates for irrigation designs and then customize them for each individual project. It also allows you to customize the program itself by changing the layout and creating custom symbols for use in your blueprints.

2. Ability to Upload and Scan Pictures of the Landscape and Convert Them into a Simulation to Aid in Placing the Irrigation Plans

Another feature to look for when choosing irrigation design software is the ability to upload and scan pictures to the program's files. Without this feature, you would have to draw the landscape and terrain yourself.

However, if you can scan pictures of a property where you are installing an irrigation system, the program can convert the pictures into a computer simulation that gives you a basic framework from which to start. Once you have the basic framework, you can then go straight to adding the details of the irrigation components

When selecting a software program to help you with planning out irrigation systems for your landscaping business, choose one that is compatible with CAD software to allow you to fully customize not only the blueprints but also the program's layout, symbols, and other features. You should also pick one that gives you the ability to upload and scan pictures of the landscape so that you can easily convert them into a base simulation to help with the irrigation system's plans.

For more information, speak with a representative of a business that offers irrigation blueprint design software