Connecting Through Conference Speakerphones

When it comes to running a successful business, having the ability to stay connected with your vendors, customers, and partners is critical. Voice communication has stood at the forefront of business communication for many years, and modern advancements in technology have only added to the effectiveness of voice communication. If you find that your company regularly engages in conference calls, then having a phone designed specifically for this purpose can be beneficial.

Here are three features to look for as you shop for a conference speakerphone that will enhance the quality of your company's voice communication in the future.

1. Video Capabilities

Being able to see the person (or persons) that you are communicating with during a conference call can be beneficial. You can take visual cues from the individual's body language and facial expressions in order to better understand their point of view.

Investing in a conference speakerphone with a video screen will allow you to engage in video conferencing when your conference parties have video capabilities on their phones as well.

2. Noise Reduction

Since you will be using the speaker function of your conferencing phone to communicate with groups of individuals, there is always the possibility that background noise will interfere with your message.

In order to ensure that there is no miscommunication or difficulty expressing your information in a conference-call setting, it's essential that your conference speakerphone come equipped with noise-reduction capabilities. Noise reduction allows the phone to filter out background noises (like rustling papers or squeaking chairs) so that only your voice comes through loud and clear.

3. Wireless Microphones

Speaking directly into the microphone of a conference speakerphone can enhance the quality of the communication. Unfortunately, a phone with only a single microphone can make it difficult for multiple users to communicate in a conference setting.

By purchasing a conference speakerphone that can accommodate multiple wireless microphones at once, you can strategically place these wireless microphones around the conference table. Employees sitting at the table won't have to shout to be heard, since the wireless microphones can pick up on voices in many different locations and transmit these voices directly to the conference phone.

Having the right conference speakerphone makes it easier for your company to stay connected. Be sure that you look for a phone that features video capabilities, noise reduction, and wireless microphones to get the most out of future conference calls. Talk to a company such as Hi Country Wire And Telephone for more information.