Tips For Making The Most Of Your Internet Service

Starting or upgrading your Internet service may require significant research to determine the best fit for your household. Before you make the investment, consider different factors that will help you gain the most use from your service.

Determine Your Household Usage

Many people focus on their type of usage when selecting an Internet plan, such as whether they are a serious gamer or a light user, but this is not always the best indication of your usage when selecting a plan. You must take into account the number and types of devices you use in addition to the way your Internet is used. For example, a single device used for gaming could have the same impact on your Internet speed as having several devices that are only used for checking email. Take into consideration all the devices and their usage to give you a general idea of the type of plan that will best fit your household and prevent significant slowing of your speed.

Consider Your Actual Speeds

If you currently have internet and are simply upgrading your plan, you should compare your actual speed with the advertised speed of your current plan. This can help you gauge which Internet package you need to achieve your desired speeds. For example, if your current plan has speeds up to 3MB/s, but you only reach half the amount, you may need a plan with double or triple the maximum speed to reach your ideal Internet speeds.

Asking your neighbors about their Internet service provider (ISP) and speeds can also help. This can give you an idea if Internet speed problems are specific to your residence, such as a bad phone line for DSL or outdated equipment, instead of a common issue that is difficult to overcome. If you happen to live in an area that is further away from Internet towers, you are probably stuck with significantly lower speeds than what your plan allows.

Upgrade Your Router

Dual-band routers are increasingly popular due to their ability to speed up your Internet connection. When you use a single-band router, all your devices connect to the router on the same frequency, which can significantly clog your Internet speed. Purchasing a dual-band router may help, especially if you have newer devices that are capable of connecting to a higher frequency. Older, slower devices will typically access the router at a lower frequency. This frees up the higher frequency for devices with faster processing that you may typically use for streaming video or playing video games.

Finding the ideal Internet package requires more than selecting the speed you want. You must consider your usage, equipment, and the speeds you are likely to achieve. By consider all the factors involved, you are more likely to be satisfied with your service.